The Life Of Ryan: 2013

After looking through some old screenshots, i came across a load from last year, all featuring the resident thicko CKA_Ryan. We’ll start off when we was all friends, and the disturbed one used to look forward to our casts, like a child waiting for Christmas morning.

ryan listening to freestyleradio

In fact, i think his love for Freestyleradio1 was beginning to become quite a scary fantasy

ryan listening to shez

ryan brings john breakfast

ryan asks john where his dinner is

ryan feeding john

Hmmm, we’ll leave those for now. Next we’ll see the empty head during his deep depression from last year.

ryan looking depressed

ryan looking depressed 2

Aaww, he must of knew what was coming lol.

Next, 2013 was the year that he realised nobody likes NorthernMonkey

ryan thinks rich is getting trolled

Also remember the time Jaq went in a sulk after she found them slagging her off?

ryan wants jaq to come back to vaughn

Finally, lets remember all the retarded looks he had from that year.

ryan - ban fracking

ryan looking a dick

ryan with big hat

ryan with his books

ryan nad his scruffy house

ryan banner

I think this my all time favourite. Man, take a look at this next picture, and honestly tell me you didn’t think¬†WTF?

Ryan with a turban


3 Thoughts to “The Life Of Ryan: 2013”

  1. Stig of the Dump

    What a very untidy flat. He’s got strange obsessions this Guy, and as for dress sense thats just lolz.

  2. Ryan The Sniffer

    What a weird looking dude, and is that a pair of womans knickers he’s got on his head, he most likely acquired them from next doors washing line, oh dear.

  3. Lol, that was taken when he lived in Norfolk, no wonder he had to move, Ryan the panties thief.

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