NorthernMonkey Requests A New IP

After proving to everyone that Dicky visits here by showing him his IP address from the Websites logs, he must of contacted Virgin Media and gave them some sob story about being a victim of Internet crime, or something similar, because as you’ll see below, Virgin won’t change your static IP for any old reason.

virgin wont change your ip address

So he must of gave them some major sob story to get a new one lol. Anyway, Dicky being the fool that he is, then comes back to the blog for a nosey.

dicky changes ip (copy)

I’m sure these idiots think i’m lying to them when i say that no matter what different IP they use to visit the site, it will always show up who they really are.

But at least the next time he visited us, he at least attempted to hide his identity via ZenMate lol

Dicky uses a vpn (copy)

Let’s take a look at what posts he’s been reading eh 🙂

Dicky read posts

3 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey Requests A New IP”

  1. Dicky The Daftie

    Wee Dicky caught out again, pmsl….oh and, hi there Dicky.

  2. Adrian Mole

    Its not so secret any more. Time to call Virgin Media again

  3. irelands

    lol he still mad for an IP blocker

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