RealmanPwns Completes His 60 Day Juice Diet

First off, we have got to say congratulations to RealmanPwns for sticking to the full 60 days, especially when you consider his daily lifestyle before it. But the hard work has paid off, the big man has managed to lose 62.8 pounds, or 4 and a half stone to us in the UK.

Realman 60 day results

You can clearly see the way his t-shirts are now hanging loose, and he’s also lost a lot off his face too.

realmanpwns ending

I don’t know what’s going to happen now the 60 day’s are up, but it would be such a shame if he started piling it all back on through constant drinking again.

2 Thoughts to “RealmanPwns Completes His 60 Day Juice Diet”

  1. Oddsocks

    That’s a real commitment to the diet. well done Realman

  2. DaveTheRave

    Well done to the big man.

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