They Think It’s All Over

Talk about jumping the gun. VaughnLive has had it’s new layout less than 48 hours and already some people are thinking it means certain death to the site.

uvlog- vaughn lost

I suppose when you’re desperate, you are somewhat blinded by the facts, but to say Vaughn has lost…seriously?

I think that post was made in jest, but there will be delusional fools out there that really do think that VaughnLive is now dead because nobody likes the new layout after a day or two.

You’ve got to remember, people¬†always end up back at Vaughn, even when they have been banned and called it the worst casting site ever. Even The Hipperz has returned, much to Lardo’s anguish lol.

It will take more than a new layout to knock VaughnLive from the number one casting site.

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