We Are Back And Richard Is Mad

If you were wondering why we were down yesterday, we have moved hosting company now as Dicky sent them some fake E-mail about a Police report and the hosts shit themselves, despite getting no contact from any Police department themselves, just what a sobbing Richard Swann has wrote, so now we have found ourselves with offshore hosts that just simply ignore DMCA complaints and fake reports.

Anyway, here is what Dicky sent to the old hosts:

Dicky goes to the police lol (copy)

Ok, lets look at this email from a sensible point of view. Firstly, to issue a crime reference number he would have to report a crime. Now unless he’s told a lot of lies, and said there is threats to him on here or something similar, where is any criminal offence in watching an idiot make a fool of himself on a public cam site, recording it and letting other people see it? Answer is, there is no crime.

Next. Why didn’t the police officer email the hosting company? What kind of serving police officer deals with a reported crime, then tells the ‘victim’ to go and sort it out himself?

Also, why have they not contacted us here via the contact form? I sincerely hope they do, because then i can email them back over 30 videos and hundreds of screenshots  displaying vile, offensive, slanderous and even threats made by Mr Richard Swann and his other muppets. Every video and screenshot of them is safely stored on a external drive and also in an online cloud drive, so i’m sure they will be interested to see those.

So as you can see, Dicky got mad, sobbed for an hour or two, wrote a bluff email and thought he had silenced us.

Sorry Richard, we’re not going anywhere 🙂


3 Thoughts to “We Are Back And Richard Is Mad”

  1. PC squirrel

    We can confirm this is a fake report, and what is the meaning where it says Subject: Incident Refence. has your fence been broke .
    Also re your incident number your missing some letters as well as numbers, crime references are not this short, thank you pc squirrel Main street Rotherham.
    Now I’m of to get me nuts at the pewter pot

  2. DaveTheRave

    Richard Swann is just a sad pathetic twisted little man? who needs to get a life, and do some growing up.

  3. ButthurtRich

    The Dickster still pissing against the wind,trying to get a blog closed down that he claims no one including himself visits, strange indeed.

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