The Garden Of Love

It was before my time, but whenever you read about it, or your Uncles or Aunties tell you all about the good old days of the Hippies and the cannabis induced ‘free love’ it sort of makes you wish you were just that little bit older ( apologies to those that are)

The vision of guys and girls, smoking dope like it was going out of fashion, sprawled out in fields, making love without a care in the world…sigh!

Well, it looks like those times could be making a comeback, especially if Originalmushroom has her way 😉


I don’t know if that’s her boyfriend or just a mate, but for ages it was bugging me who he reminded me of, then it hit me…it’s Toadie from Neighbours 🙂

originalmushroom friend


toadie 5

toadie 4

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