JustCast Gets Porned ( Again)

Putting those webcam screens at the bottom of each peoples casts, for anybody to use, certainly wasn’t one of JustCast’s greatest idea lol.

Time and time again they are used for trolling, we have seen Spike get hit with gay porn, Ryan rather kindly advertising us on all his, and the latest victim of the anonymous porner, was Lardo444;

Lardo gets porned

What got me even more so, was the fact he was blatantly telling every one to go to a rival broadcasting site 🙂

VaughnLive has the the popcorn spammer, JustCast has the porn spammer lol.

4 Thoughts to “JustCast Gets Porned ( Again)”

  1. Justcast.org is climbing the social stream rapidly to becoming the #1 drama free family fun place to congregate. Monthly and annually packages for Bilboards Emoticons and VIP are very reasonable. Cam lock IS provided to prevent trolling and unwanted content.

    1. lol, it has about 6 channels open at it’s busiest, so when you say it’s rapidly becoming the #1 dun place to congregate, are you comparing it to Ivlog?

      Also, if it cam lock IS provided, how come nobody knows how to use it?

  2. Here is a Saturday night at the rapidly growing fun place to be…LOL


  3. Eddy_The_Numptie

    Rofl here, is Eddy Compton a stand up comedian by any chance, or just deluded, honestly folks the people we meet on the internet…just crazy innit.

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