The Muppets Have One Last Attempt

After twice having their YouTube channels closed, while every video is still up here, the guy’s are resorting to their last option, Google+ lol.

Everything is still the same, spelling mistakes, child like Photoshop’s and rage, plenty of rage hehe.  Lets have a look at their header 😉

Dickys google plus

Straight away there is a mistake, what the hell is ‘attended fraud’ is that like a course you go on or something?

Then they praise by admiring the skills of drinking (cheers) stalking (hello) dogging ( loads of different women) and harassing ( they just admitted they are mad lol)

Then the frustration of not being able to find a single one of us, while we have tracked everyone of them, gets the better of them as you’ll see below 🙂

dicky pissed about vpn

Take a look at the ones ticked, they know i have dozens of different E-mails, VPN’s and Aliases and they can’t find anything. This makes them really mad lol.

dicky pissed about soultrain

See how Dicky is still in denial. This goes back to when he was bullied as a child, he would try and convince himself that the other kids weren’t really laughing at him. He can’t face the fact that people DO come here and DO believe the screencaps.

dicky funny description

The fact that we are always one step ahead them plays on their minds day after day. They hate the fact that they were all tracked so easily because they are so naive and clueless when it comes to online security.

This brings us to the best one yet. the ‘sport crime’ that Shahzad comes out with is probably one of my favourite lulz from these guys.

shez cant spell soultrain

You can always tell when Shahzad posts, his grasp of the English language goes tits up and he’ll rant about the infamous sports crime lol.

Look guys, i’m even gonna give you a result of a simple Google search, if you still can’t find anything, you should disconnect your router, the t’internets not for you.

premier league raid

Tally ho 😉

3 Thoughts to “The Muppets Have One Last Attempt”

  1. DiscoDave1888

    Honestly what a bunch of wankers, but what in the name of fk does attented fraud mean, oh, and tally ho girls…pmsl here.

  2. The Pewter Pot

    Poor Little Dicky is so mad, and they say your stalking them.
    Sports crimes, and Attending Fraud, WTF lolz

  3. I know lol, they are so illiterate it’s funny. The only one that can spell is Ryan.

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