Justcast: Just Hilarious

Seriously, my grandma could run a better website than these fools. The website is still not running, even though the problem was discovered last night;

JUstcast under maintenance

Hmm, maintenance you say….

JustCast down again

Ok, so what you see there is, not one of the Admins have a clue about Websites, or video streaming. So much so, that if Ahmad ( which we assume should be Ahmed) goes to bed, and there is a problem, all the rest of the empty head’s run around like headless chickens lolol.

This has got be the joke of Internet casting, they don’t even know how to re-boot the server ffs.

Well, they always have Tech Mod Dicky, surely he will know what the problem is…

Dicky moaning at just cast members

Ahh, i see. He doesn’t have a fucking clue when it comes to Linux servers, so he tries to claim it’s not easy to run a website…LOL

Hey Richard, that quote is going to come back and haunt you whenever you call out Vaughn for having problems, which incidentally, is never something as simple as can’t re-boot a server.

Dicky should stick to hiding above the pub, blinds closed, hoodie up and lights off 🙂

Richard Swan ~ The gift that keeps giving

3 Thoughts to “Justcast: Just Hilarious”

  1. Richard is a DICK

    I recall how this Richard ASS was so demanding on Vaughn when he found they don’t offer private broadcasts to hide is ugly ass. Now he is very okay with his JustCrap, no private casts, no working chat, no working site even! What a group of losers and assholes. No wonder BlogTV decided to close!

  2. BubbaEricJohn

    What is disturbing is that one of their “Admins” helps run the other blog site with ScuttleButt..they just lost a caster there because of it..nice to know its run but “ahem” adults there! Too bad, because Steve really is a nice guy….

  3. ChrisVloggerdogcunt

    Chris huney you are just butt hurt cause I kicked you in your cunt when you tried to power play me. 😀

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