Miss Scruffy v Paintgirl

Well after a bottle of wine, and wearing one of the most sexy, revealing bikini’s, it was only a matter of time before all the jealous female casters started alerting Miss Scruffy to Paintgirl’s cast.


Now to me that was a very harsh banning, Why? Because to be fair to Paintgirl, she did keep her boobs hidden after the initial ‘outburst’ so to speak, but instead of Miss Scruffy leaving a lot earlier once they had both agreed, she did stay in the room for a good hour or so more, and was basically goading a very drunk Paintgirl.

scruffy bans paintgirl

scruffy banned paintgirl 2

scruffy banned paintgirl 3

Now everyone knows i love Vaughn and support it day in, day out, but here’s my opinion on this situation.

Miss Scruffy came in and rightly so, told Paintgirl not to show or play with boobies.

Paintgirl had a little, and i mean little whine about people getting away with things when others don’t. ( See Roco for example)

Paintgirl apologised and said everything is cool, she doesn’t want drama etc..

At this point, in my opinion, whether that is right or wrong, that should of been the end of it and Miss Scruffy should of left her to cast, not keep baiting her.

Saying ‘shut up’ is not exactly ‘abusing’ staff now is it?

Come on Miss Scruffy, that was harsh, very harsh.


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