This Shawnio Thing – I Don’t Get It?

Now i don’t know what started this Scuttlebutt v Shawnio thing, but that is between them and mostly stuff posted on each others blogs. But what i don’t get, is why Hipperz and Lardo, etc, insist on trying to get LetsStalk booted off Vaughn?

As Miss Scruffy stated when the UK Muppets were trying to get our channels closed down, whatever goes on outside of Vaughn, is none of their concern, and rightly so.

So if LetsStalk breaks the ToS on Vaughn, then although it’s not something i agree with, tell Scruffy. But to run channels, practically begging the Vaughn’s to ban him because he writes comments on a blog that you are offended by, just makes you look childish to be honest.

This was the content of the whole of Hipperz cast on VaughnLive the other day:


Seriously? If Shawnio has been making threatening phone calls to you, go through the appropriate channels, because frankly, unless it’s done live on Vaughn, then what has that go to do with them? They can’t tell people what to do outside of their Websites.

It’s probably a good idea too guys, that if you are going to call for a channel to be closed, not to constantly name call the owners. Lardo, and until more recently, Hipperz, dedicate almost every cast they do to calling Scruffy a piece of shit, Mark a retard, and some stuff that is too strong to publish.

It reminds me of when the Muppets were slating VaughnLive, declaring it a cesspool and all it’s casters were drunks, druggies and racists, then 2 months later, running to Scruffy and begging her to ban channels because of what was wrote on here.

So although this is none of my business, i’m just saying, from a neutrals view, calling for somebody to be banned for name calling and trolling, when you are doing exactly the same thing, is not just hypocrisy…

It’s embarrassing

5 Thoughts to “This Shawnio Thing – I Don’t Get It?”

  1. Ryan

    The truth is that back in the blogtv days, Lardo and Hipperz would do the same thing. They want to feel like they have the power to decide who stays and who goes on a website. Blogtv had corrupt admins that would buy into drama and bullshit and get involved in personal matters and ban people sometimes purely based on rumor or made up things. They are pissed off that it doesn’t fly on Vaughnlive. That’s been their thing for the last 2-3 years….it all comes down to them wanting power and control, as well as insane jealousy at anyone who has a higher ranking than them…

  2. vloggerdog

    I have tried to figure this out myself. Here are a couple of grown men, probably grandfathers, and they are acting like bullies in a school yard. I actually confronted them the other day when they were bashing again, asking if they would condone their kids/grandkids behaving like this. I also asked if this would really make him leave….as adults they need to just snore and ignore. Or I guess this is all they have in life? If so, that in itself is more sad than what they are doing.

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  4. kekeke

    I mean… Someone who’s so infuriated so passionate about someone due to the fact they were outed by them just goes to show that the world is full of delusional people with strange and dangerous obsessions over other people. If they were doing this in real life they wouldn’t last a milisecond. I mean, look at what happened to lardo.. You never hear from that fat old pedo anymore lol.. Shit will eventually come back and bite you in the ass and the insecurities perplexed by these people proves self insecurity and mental delusion can really make someone stand out.

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