Joe Walsh Perma Banned

Love him or hate him, the one constant thing with Joe Walsh, is he wears his heart on his sleeve. If he has something to say, he will say it, regardless of what upset it causes.

A lot of the time, yes, he does talk a load of bollox, especially when he’s drunk. But last night, he brought up 2 good points, during his Skype rant on Surfrat’s cast.


Take out all the anger and the swearing, he has a valid point. I agree with him when he say’s Miss Scruffy shouldn’t be involved in the casting side of the business. Not because she’s this nasty evil woman that a lot of people would have you believe, but because she takes things too personally to be involved in this kind of game day in day out. I was abused non stop when i was running my streaming site, but that is the nature of the game, you just have to let it go in one ear, and out of the other. Whether you like the person or not, you do have to give the customer, and that is what all the casters are, a certain level of respect. That’s not to say constantly take vile abuse, but if somebody thinks you are a kunt, then just ignore it and don’t let it get to you.


This is where he is 100% spot on. Mark is not stupid, he would not keep buying more and more servers if he was losing all his money. The more casters and the more traffic = more ad revenue. Without the casters, there would be no VaughnLive. I wonder how much JustCast or Ivlog would give to have as many casters and viewers that VL has?

Like i said, he can be a pain in the ass most of the time, but he does have valid points from time to time. Just a shame he loses the plot and doesn’t put it across more constructively.

It looks like Joe has now gone for good, but at least while he was on Vaughn, he pissed this old racist drunk, right off 🙂


Roco and joe walsh

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