LustsShadow: Oh Hello There

Anybody that says there are no pretty women on Vaughn, are either gay, blind or mentally ill. Day by day us blokes get treated to some new female casters, and 9 times out of ten they are well worth a perv whoops, watch.

Another of the newbies is LustsShadow, and once again, very nice 😉


lustsshadow 1

lustsshadow 2

lustsshadow 3

lustsshadow 4

2 Thoughts to “LustsShadow: Oh Hello There”

  1. LustsShadow

    Hmm, interesting to find a little slice of internet written about me. Technically not a newbie, just to Vaughn.

  2. Ryan

    I have to comment here – I’m sick of all these ‘pretty girl’ posts. I look and every single one of them is average at best. I think what happens is most online males are single and lonely, so they go ga-ga and drool when there’s a female online….

    Get a hold of yourselves men!

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