Has RealmanPwns Won The Lottery?

Have i missed something? Has RM had a lucky win somewhere? First there was the new bed, now blinds over the windows, and even some posters up on the wall.


realmanpwns new blinds

RealmanPwns - new posters

And even an extra webcam 🙂

RealmanPwns has 2 webcams

It’s actually starting to look quite ‘homely’ there now. But you know what, i wouldn’t begrudge RM a single penny, he’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but he’s as honest as you can get, and he’s not greedy either. When people were donating to his birthday fund, he told people to send their money to his friend on Vaughn, DJ Chris.

Chris is disabled, i think he said Cerebral Palsy, although don’t quote me on that. The fact is though, RM gave out Chris’ Paypal address and told people to donate to him, as he needed it more.

He might not have much, but like he said ‘he’s happy’ and that is all that matters in life.

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