CKA_Ryan: I’m Dumb

At long last, he’s finally started to admit what we have known all along, that he has the intelligence of a tin of soup.

Here he is, trying to get Tom to debate with him about the World’s debt. You can sense Tom is just thinking ‘get me away from this tit’

enemy_within cast 2-9

enemy_within cast 2-10

So after realising that he has no idea what he is talking about, he tries to claim he’s just useless at maths. Hmm..

enemy_within cast 2-1

What a gorp! But wait, it’s not only maths and logging in he struggles with:

Shez cast number 2 -17

Despite everyone telling him that Shez is live and ok, dumbo refuses to accept it

Shez cast number 2 -18

Still believing that Shez isn’t live and they are all lying to him, he throws a tantrum and leaves

Shez cast number 2 -19

So yeah, we agree Ryan, you’re dumb!

Oops, what am i saying, he wont see any of this, because he doesn’t visit this blog…

enemy_within cast 2-2

enemy_within cast 2-3


2 Thoughts to “CKA_Ryan: I’m Dumb”

  1. Piano Master

    Why do they dislike the Blog so much ?
    Its informative and funny.

  2. It’s because it hurts their ego. They all still claim they don’t read this blog, yet still try to have it taken down. Why would you be upset enough to keep reporting a website you never visit, and nobody else does according to them?

    They all visit here daily and what’s killing them inside is, they know they have zero control over it. There is no Google to complain to, no scared hosts, there is not a single thing they can do, and that pisses them right off lol. Tally ho boys 🙂

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