Miserable, Old, Grumpy And Paranoid – Welcome to Freestyleradio1

It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill and all that, but it looks like somebody forget to tell John. He’s always been a dreamer and his tales always over exaggerated, but now he’s become paranoid and grumpy as hell with it.

His attempt and moderating Shez’s cast last night was nothing short of embarrassing. He really does hate anyone who refuses to kiss his ass.

Watch how he reacts to somebody trolling Shez:


Shez cast number 2 -3

Shez cast number 2 -4

Shez cast number 2 -5

Here is where it becomes funny. Notice he types been instead of being. All Kunnyfunt said was ‘ it’s being’ no swearing, no threats, just pointing out John’s poor grammar.

But you would of though his life was being threatened the way he responded:

Shez cast number 2 -6

Shez cast number 2 -7

What a big girls blouse lol. I mean, it’s not other peoples fault that John is illiterate:

Shez cast number 2 -21

Yeah, the balloon Shez was flying in was pretty good too 😉

Of course, once the trolls saw how much of a tissue dabber he is, they wanted their piece of lulz from him:

Shez cast number 2 -8

Shez cast number 2 -10

Shez cast number 2 -11

Shez cast number 2 -12

By now he’s getting stressed to fuck lol, but this next comment literally made me laugh out loud 🙂

Shez cast number 2 -13

This dude is exactly just that. Always going on about taking no shit etc, yet let some lad take all his cd’s at a dj booking lol.

Move on 15 mins and he comes out with this gem:

Shez cast number 2 -20

You couldn’t make this up haha.

Then there is the paranoia:

Shez cast number 2 -1

He hates it when the viewer number doesn’t match up with the amount of people in the room 🙂

This guy is a total idiot and should of stuck to wheeling dead bodies up down the hospital.

One Thought to “Miserable, Old, Grumpy And Paranoid – Welcome to Freestyleradio1”

  1. Santa's Helper

    I see nothing has changed with Freestyle he’s still arrogant.
    He invites the trolls with his attitude this guy needs to chill.

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