The Steelie vs Kitten5533 Showdown

Well the sh*t really did hit the fan last night, as Kitten5533 completely laid into Cameron (aka Steelie). We posted the other day about how he kind of makes you think he’s slept with her, without actually saying as much.

Well, the Kitten had certainly had a belly full (no pun intended) and let the claws loose…

This doesn’t end well.

I like the way Foxman stands up for Steelie ” i could tell he was full of shit” oh well, lets continue

Well i think we get the jist, Steelie stalks Kitten, Kitten’s pissed, Steelie will now come on Skype and deny all

For me, this is the most important bit. At first i was sure Steelie was lying about banging Kitten, but now..

Everybody know’s Steelie’s not right in the head, but did he sleep with Kitten? I would be comfortable to put money on it that he did.

2 Thoughts to “The Steelie vs Kitten5533 Showdown”

  1. Anon

    Lol in Kitten’s mind every man is in love with her. I also think Kitten protests to much and that makes me think she did sleep with him.

  2. I think something DID happen. Whether they had full on sex, or it was just a drunken kiss, i’m not sure. Like you say, she does seem to let it bother her for something that ‘never happened’

    Although listening to Steelie saying “i’m not lying” makes me lol.

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