A Miracle Or A Moron?

I’ve read this over and over again, and i’m still stumped as to what the hell IamSonChild196 is talking about here?

iamsonschild std 1

Ok, so she’s got an STD due to her Husband sleeping with a prostitute. Then it just gets more and more weird by the minute lol.

iamsonschild std 2

What costs £5 a minute? What is £2,500? Is that what the prostitute charges, or that how much doctors would charge to find her brain?

iamsonschild std 3

Hmm, let me try and get this straight. SonChild’s Husband’s been paying one single hooker £5 per minute, and was sleeping with her from 9am -5pm, and the bill is £2,500?

iamsonschild std 4

You’d be better off researching what kind of Viagra your hubby is taking to be having sex non stop for 8 hours in my opinion.

iamsonschild std 5

iamsonschild std 6

STOP!!! Wait, if you two haven’t had sex for 13 years, you have either had one repugnant vagina all this time, or it’s a miracle.

By now my head was hurting, so i decided to ask her which was it.

iamsonschild std 7

13 years of an STD, i would imagine a 2 week camping trip to Syria would be less problematic.

iamsonschild std 8

iamsonschild std 9


One Thought to “A Miracle Or A Moron?”

  1. Angie2013

    Now thats lost me. like you say how did she get a std of hubby if shes had no sex with him, since 2002
    But then again even if she has somehow got a std, why would you broadcast it
    I think she was Trolling.

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