Roco: Tries To Bait And Fails Big Time

Everybody is on to Roco, the grumpy racist alcoholic old turd. His race baiting no longer works, no matter how hard he tries.

If you haven’t come across Roco yet, he will try and try his best to taunt white people with racist and derogatory comments, in the hope that somebody will lose it and call him a racist name, then he runs to whoever owns the particular website and reports them.

Yeah, i know, he’s a piece of shit, and here is another example of his attempt to receive ¬†some racism to report:


Roco race comments in Paquets

Roco race comments in Paquets1

Roco race comments in Paquets2

Roco race comments in Paquets3

Roco race comments in Paquets4

You notice how he gets more and more vile, the longer nobody reacts the way he wants them to?

Well done guy’s, let’s send this pig demented, and in to an old peoples home.

One Thought to “Roco: Tries To Bait And Fails Big Time”

  1. The Codfather

    Just shows you really how nasty Roco is.
    I knew he had anger issues’ but he really is a bad racist.

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