Rosanna Reveals UK Invasions Identity

You know when somebody is dumb, so dumb that they think they are actually smart, but you just laugh at them?

Well welcome to John, Freestyleradio1. This gorp can’t even use a washing machine, never mind remain anonymous on the Internet.

There is only 1 person who climbs so far up Shez_Jackson’s arse, that you can see his bandana trying to poke through Shez’ nose.

Mix that with him not being able to spell for shit, and even a retard like CKA Ryan could work out who is really behind the UK Invasion name.


john as uk invasion

john as uk invasion1

john as uk invasion2

john as uk invasion3

john as uk invasion5

john as uk invasion7

john as uk invasion11

john as uk invasion12

john as uk invasion14

john as uk invasion13

Oh, and don’t forget this one. This is one that he said on JTV, Ustream, Uvlog, Justcast, Vaughnlive, Blogtv and Stickam.

john as uk invasion10

Till he gets trolled, then it always becomes “shit this site, it’s run by trolls” lol.

Just in case you didn’t recognise the ass kissing, then the dyslexia should definitely give it away.

john as uk invasion4

How many times does it have to be written and said as ‘Boob’

john as uk invasion6

lol, it was this that definitely confirmed that the UK_Invasion is Johnny 🙂

It got better though, this next one was a corker…

john as uk invasion8

NJ?? Even other viewers started ripping him on this lol

john as uk invasion9

Yeah, that famous dancer, singer and multi-platinum selling bloke Nick Jackson was inspired to start his career after watching Shez dance in his loft.

But after all that pretending, with even Shez calling him UK all night, instead of John or Freestyle, along comes Rosanna, signed in as Ro_Ro, and fucks it all up…


Tremendous 😉

One Thought to “Rosanna Reveals UK Invasions Identity”

  1. The Codfather

    Has $hez won some money are something ? because Freestyle is doing a lot of arse licking with $hez.
    Watch yourself $hez a man who over praises another man is upto something.

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