UKM: Security Update

Those of you who like to browse the Internet via VPN’s, and especially those who use Tor, may notice that you now have to fill in a CAPTCHA form before you can access the blog.

Due to lots of  ‘traffic’ *cough* from China, and the usual daily attempt at accessing my account using brute force attacks, we have now upped the security. We are now routed through Cloudflare, and have also lowered the failed login attempts from 20 to 5.

This won’t affect any of you, because only i have to login, it just stops people from using Dictionary’s and brute force attacks, as after the 5th wrong login, they get IP banned from the site 🙂

I have also added some extra security measures, that nobody only hackers will notice. The only way it will affect readers, are if you use Tor, and maybe some VPN’s. A pain in the ass i know, but it’s just something we have to do for now.

This made me lol, though. Every time somebody tries to guess the username and password for my account, the site emails me with all the details.

Attacks on uk muppets site

That reminded me of when Freestyleradio1 got his Facebook account hacked. I asked him how they got his password?

“I used freestyleradio for my password” he said


2 Thoughts to “UKM: Security Update”

  1. Angie2013

    lol someones not happy with the blog then

    1. lol, the attacks are too sophisticated to be the muppets, they can barely turn their pc’s on. It’s just something every website goes through, most of the hack attempts are from China. Having the name UK in the domain probably doesn’t help lol.They probably don’t even understand what is written, but are after some UK info, or wanting to use our server for their DDoS attacks on other sites. No big problem anyway, it’s all secured now 🙂

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