Hey, How’s That Move To Ivlog Going?

As Shez insisted on telling us every show, people are starting to move over to Ivlog now, and it was going to get bigger and better.

Anybody who knows Ivlog, knows it’s just a temporary stop gap, while being banned from Vaughn, and once the ban is over, back to Vaughn they go.

But Shez seemed convinced that once the Invasion were there, the people would follow.

Let’s take a look eh?


uk invasion new look

Hmm, so apart from Rosanna and me, it’s just the muppets, all on their lonesome.

Another thing i noticed, look at the top, the UK Invasion casters list.


Who the hell is RickUK?

Ah, notice there is no NorthernMonkey on the list.

So it seems our Dicky has changed his username to RickUK…lol

I can see that name change attracting a good audience..

uk invasion alone

…or maybe not!

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

2 Thoughts to “Hey, How’s That Move To Ivlog Going?”

  1. Ryan

    You do realize hopefully that ivlog has a growing community – it’s not unheard of to see 10-12 casts or more at once at prime time, but this is usually while you brits are asleep…

  2. Curly Wurly

    The Snore Factor aka UK Invasion
    So Richy boy has changed his name.
    and Mr Invisible aka CKA Ryan is still Invisible same old then just moved to ivlog

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