NorthernMonkey – Back at JustCast

Despite changing username from NorthernMonkey to the long thought out RichUK, his Ivlog casts are still about as appealing as an all inclusive 2 week stay in Raqqa, often only attracting 4-5 viewers.

So Dicky tried his luck back at JustCast, in the hope his large female fan base will be out in force to support their hero:

Dicky goes back to justcast

Oops. I think it’s time Richard faced up to reality.

He’s finished when it comes to Social Broadcasting.

The public now know what he really is like, and no matter how much he denies it, he’s just seen as a joke.

I think they call that Karma 😉

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One Thought to “NorthernMonkey – Back at JustCast”

  1. Ryan

    Sorry but I don’t know of anyone in my huge circle of ivlog chatters and casters who thinks of him as any kind of joke. He’s not finished by any means, I think you’re finished in social broadcasting. That’s not a putdown, that’s you yourself having admitted you won’t cast. You should start casting again and stop wanting others to fail….Rich is just trying to have a good time with his online friends….

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