Veronika: The Overdose – Did she Or Didn’t She?

Ok, you must have all seen the video’s flying around of Vera’s cast last night, and there has been lots of speculation about whether it was real, or staged.

For what it’s worth, here’s my take on it. After watching it live, and watching it back a couple of times since,  im convinced that she only took two pills, the two that we saw her take on cam.

It’s starts out with a clearly distraught Vera, who was all worked up and saying she wanted to die. I’m not going to show all that for obvious reasons, but we’ll cut to where people are telling her to lie down and sleep it off.

These tablets weren’t painkillers or anything, but pills to help her sleep at night. So after taking seven of them in the space of an hour or so, what happens next is natural.


As you would expect, her head literally drops, and off to sleep she goes.

Or so we thought. I was just about to stop the recording, when all of a sudden, up she gets and is full of life again.

When you watch the video below, you’ll see, Vera was back to being Vera lol.


Bear in mind, this was about 90 minutes after she had allegedly taken 7 high strength sleeping pills. Ok, maybe because she is a large lady, they take longer to kick in, who knows?

But she was still full of life a good 2 hours later, trying to convince the police officer that she didn’t need to go to hospital.

Nobody saw her take the earlier five pills, and in my opinion, i don’t think there was another five pills, just the two we saw on cam.

Vera obviously didn’t want to kill herself here, i think she’s missing her deceased husband more than she will admit, which is perfectly understandable, and i think last night was one of those occasions where all her emotions came flooding out.

So no, i don’t think it was staged, or attention seeking. I think it was just a lonely old lady, missing the love of her life, and in need of a hug.


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