EvilMJ: Any Regrets?

I wonder if EvilMJ is regretting deliberately getting himself banned from Vaughn yet?

Like many, who’s ego clouds all reality, he was convinced that he could get himself banned from VL and simply waltz over to Ivlog, and everybody would follow.

evilmj on ivlog

Just like the UK Invasion are finding out, unless you are FoxmanShawn, who regularly gets 80-100 viewers on there, then thinking people will leave Vaughn for you, is nothing more than delusion.

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3 Thoughts to “EvilMJ: Any Regrets?”

  1. Ryan

    when did he get banned from VL? lol

  2. A few weeks ago apparently. He said he got pissed with Mark about something, so did a cast and abused Mark and Lynn, and to make sure he got the ban, played hard core porn lol.

  3. Angie2013

    How long will it be till Evil MJ is back on vaughn. why would you want to get yourself banned though,

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