Hello Internet!

Bloody hell, 3 days with no internet and i can honestly say, it was probably the worst 3 days of my life.

Basically what happened was, Sunday night, my net went down. Monday morning i phoned my ISP and was told it would be back on by midnight. Not too bad, can handle that.

Then Tuesday morning, still no internet, phones them back and am told it will 100% be on by the the morning. Calls them today, told there is a major fault and it won’t be back on till the 25th March.

Another week with no internet? Are they having a laugh?

Anyway, managed to buy one of those EE 4g mobile broadband routers this afternoon, so thank the lord, we have the net back 🙂

Now i have never used these before , so i don’t know how reliable they are. But at the moment with just 2 machines running on it, i’m getting 16mb download, and a fantastic 15mb upload. Hopefully it will stay like that, but if there isn’t much posting done between now and the 25-26th, it will be due to this mini router going tits up lol.


5 Thoughts to “Hello Internet!”

  1. Angie2013

    Welcome Back 🙂 hope it all gets fixed soon

  2. Hi Ang, it’s like losing an arm this lol. These 4G mobile routers are great for speed, but they swallow up bandwidth like there’s no tomorrow. Watching Vaughn for a couple of hours = £5 🙁 Oh well, only 6 more days to go.

  3. Angie2013

    Hope they refund you for loss of service

  4. They are now trying to say the 30th. Not a fucking chance. They already owe me compensation, which they have agreed to, plus the costs of the mobile wifi router, plus top costs. I spoke to them today and told them if it isn’t all fixed by the 25th as originally agreed, i will be forwarding an official formal complaint and legal documents for loss of service, and all subsequent costs inclusive, and financial compensation for all and any stress encountered due to excessive downtime. Lets see if that does the job 🙂

  5. Angie2013

    Thats a joke that. the amount of time to fix it, if you were a big buissness imagine the loss of profit involved.
    You entered a contract with them which they have failed to up keep dont let them get away with it

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