Steve Swetman – Dumb Or Dumber?

I can appreciate that learning Linux and servers, networking etc can be confusing to newbies, we all had to learn from the start, but holy crackers, this must be sarcasm surely?

Justcast copyright disclaimer

Maybe i’m reading this wrong, but it starts of by admitting that his site is using unauthorised copyright content, then at the bottom, goes on to say ‘ if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond “fair use” you must obtain permission from the copyright owner’

So is he saying that his site provides unauthorised copyright material, but if you use that same material from his site, you need permission?

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  1. Ryan

    Karl I think you misunderstand fair use. Steve is claiming fair use for educational purposes, but if someone else takes the content from his site such as recording someone’s stream and replaying it elsewhere, it no longer is fair use, it becomes a DMCA issue. What Steve is doing is covering legalities that might arise when someone is replaying one of his streams without permission…

  2. But that’s just it. He, along with all other casters on there, have no permission to play video’s and songs of artists. I doubt very much that he could get away with educational purposes when he just leaves back to back music on 24 hours a day?

    Regarding people recording his streams and replaying elsewhere, now that would be classed as criticism, if used like on here. Or it could also be classed as a parody, should we make use of the recording for satire.

    Basically, what he has done, is just found some script online and thinks by pasting it in his about section, it covers him from any DMCA’s.

    1. Ryan

      That script has been in use with all of us since the Stickam days when DMCA legislation was passed in the USA. He is educating the public about certain artists and if they like an artist or song they have discovered, they can then go out and buy it. If a terrestrial radio station that is college run and not for profit can use this script legally, so can internet radio. It’s valid…

  3. steve

    i am covered by dmaca for whole site think you should back of a tad i dont run my site without the proper things in place

    1. Lol, what does that even mean? You can’t be covered by DMCA? You can be DMCA compliant, as in you have to remove specific copyrighted material upon request, but there is no such thing as being ‘covered’ by DMCA lol.

  4. steve

    that is what i was saying if we was asked we would point them to the channel owner and if fails remove the content

  5. steve

    that is what i was saying if we was asked we would point them to the channel owner and if fails remove the content exactly as you said no more comments on this im just trying to run a site for me and my family to enjoy

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