Maddy: Everyone’s Fault But Mine

Those who use or have used WordPress, will know that you get alerts when people are linked to your website from other sites, like Google, Facebook and VaughnLive.

So there i was, just doing some cleaning up on here, when people started arriving on here from Maddy’s channel.

So it would of been rude not to go and see why 😉

Maddy plugs UKM

Maddy plugs UKM1

I don’t know why she was wanting to talk to Rach so much, but hey ho, let’s continue.

Maddy plugs UKM2

Here we go, it’s posted on here in black and white, but it’s all bullshit remember 😉

Maddy plugs UKM3

I don’t know who von_kalser is, but they seem to know Maddy well.

Maddy plugs UKM4

von_kalser is spot on here. Maddy is pissed because she’s been caught being two faced, but as usual, she’s the victim, and everybody else is in the wrong.

Oh, and that day she is talking about, i was watching Chris and she got all pissy because people were calling her names, and Chris wouldn’t ban them. Not so thick skinned as she makes out then is she?

Also, it was Chris who called her a Paedo, after she were calling his Mods and claiming 90% of people only go to Chris to troll him.

Maddy plugs UKM6

Yes, she does try to help Chris when she’s in his channel, when she goes elsewhere, her views on Chris suddenly change.

Maddy plugs UKM7

Maddy plugs UKM8

You’re correct, you don’t have to answer to anybody on Vaughn, just as we don’t have to fall for your fake caring of your so called ‘friends’

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