Ryderbak Hits A New Low

He’s notorious for wanting to be controversial and getting attention, and is known for eating his own snot, flashing his penis on cam, and generally abusing people on a daily basis.

But last night, he sunk to an all time low, with a prolonged and vile attack on SexyChris.

Here he starts off with his views on the harmless, loveable Chris.


Nasty, but as people know, i’m one for freedom of speech and having your own views on people, so i suppose that’s Simon’s view on Chris

But then, Ryder being Ryder, he decides to take it up a notch.


I wonder what his hero Rory_fella thinks about Simon’s view on people with disabilities? Didn’t Rory once say he had a disabled niece?

But unbelievably, he gets worse as he decides to Skype poor Chris.


By now, people in the chat have had enough, and start doxxing Simon’s sister ( the picture that popped up) and his mother. Despite threats off abuse to his family, he still takes it up a level.


I don’t even know what to say!



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3 Thoughts to “Ryderbak Hits A New Low”

  1. Angie2013

    The amount of people that were sticking up for Chris when this happened just proves how popular Chris is.
    Whether you like Chris or not you dont attack some one with disabilities, glad people stood up for chris.

  2. Jannyfree

    I recall you laughing at a comment a troll made about coffeetime75, it’s on your blog under “coffeetime 75 and the question of th e week”.

    How rich of you, you also laugh at disabled, mate.

  3. Koont

    Simon is my friend and what he said about coffeetime is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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