The Haters Still Hating on SexyChris

How sad it must be to have to sit there, and watch somebody be happy eh.

SexyChris grassed 1

SexyChris grassed 2

Not only is this fool illiterate, but they also have no idea what they are even reporting.

This is NorthernMonkey style thinking.

So you have phoned the benefits office and said what exactly?

” Oh hi, i’d like to report a benefit fraud. This man i watch on the t’internet borrowed some money off his Mother to buy some booze with”

“And even worse, he was skint and some woman bought him a pizza”

Jesus Christ, no wonder the DWP don’t take fraud reports seriously…

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One Thought to “The Haters Still Hating on SexyChris”

  1. Angie2013

    So some one bought him a pizza, and also someone allegedly put money in his pay pal account, and he allegedly BORROWED of his mum because he has no bank card, Major fraud this… better set up a stake out.Sighhhhhhh

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