NorthernMonkey: Lets Talk Movies

Having felt like we’ve been ignoring the muppet’s recently, i thought it would only be fair to see what quality the girls are producing these days on Ivlog.

Here is about as much as i could watch before getting thoughts of rope and a ladder..


What i couldn’t understand was, it’s May in the UK, so not cold at all, yet there is Dicky sat in his bedroom, hat on, and what looks like a winter jacket/top?

Surely being tenants in a pub, they get free gas??




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One Thought to “NorthernMonkey: Lets Talk Movies”

  1. Ryan

    So the point of this post is what? That you watch shows you don’t enjoy just to comment on the fact that someone must not be able to afford to pay their heating bill? You’re still stuck on Rich and the UK Invasion – you’ve never provided any kind of proof of your accusations and I’ve asked more than once. I believe you just have a personal vendetta because they didn’t like your attitude. I for one don’t like it either. You believe you’re better than other people…

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