Ryderbak Talks Vaughn

Believe it or not, i actually agreed with everything Simon was saying on Ivlog last night.

I don’t agree with the way he put it exactly lol, but it’s hard to disagree with his main points.


Some people are saying it’s only the trolls that have had enough with the way VaughnLive is run these days, but that’s simply not true.

When casters such as SirenSea and Filly publicly say they have had enough, then you know something’s wrong.

I mean, Filly sticking up for the way Joe Walsh was banned?? Those two hate each other, so when one is defending the other against the Vaughns, they have a problem.

Back to Simon, he’s only saying what a large proportion are currently thinking. It’s not just the way Mark and Scruffy treat casters like children, it’s the fact that they never take responsibility for their mistakes.

Has anyone, genuinely heard Mark accept that the site having problems has anything to do with a fault of his? Has anyone ever heard him apologise?

No, me neither!

Whenever Vaughn crashes or has glitches, it’s always the server hosting companies fault, or it will be the viewer/caster’s fault for not having a compatible computer.

It’s just my opinion of course, but maybe, just maybe, if Mark held his hands up now and then and said “look guys, i cocked up with a new script, but it’s all fixed now, sorry for the downtime” then maybe, just maybe, more people would back him, rather than hate on him!



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One Thought to “Ryderbak Talks Vaughn”

  1. Ryan

    I don’t quite know how to respond to this post or the attitude behind it…

    It’s very clear now that you believe Mark is not good at what he does and if something messes up he owes an apology. This I don’t get at all. Admitting when he makes a mistake? He hasn’t made any, none of it was coding errors – it was all because of bandwidth issues, and DDoS attacks. People are so quick to blame a website owner. You may say “well ivlog doesn’t have any problems” – hey I’m an ivlog supporter myself, as well as vaughn, but ivlog is only running so smoothly because it has much less traffic. Every single website when it has growth encounters problems until they upgrade to be able to handle the extra traffic / bandwidth. It’s as if you think he’s some moron who messes everything up and stole all of his code – meaning you believe rumours. I for one will never understand how these opinions which have nothing to do with hard facts and reality get spread around like gossip and everyone buys into them, not questioning a thing.

    Also you’re missing one huge point – the fact that most people are plain and simply sheep, they follow the herd or what they believe is the popular thing to do. The popular thing to do, one which will you get a lot of ‘attaboy’ comments from the trolls these days – is to tell of Mark Vaughn or comment negatively on his site. Make no mistake, this is done for views. The vast majority are sellouts. I for one really like Filly and Sirensea, but they have been known to go along with the status quo or what their friends are feeling or thinking. It’s not a personal fault, I hold them in high regard – but things are a lot more complicated than they seem on the surface. The way people want to be perceived in social situations dictates a lot of behavior, rather than what it morally right.

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