SexyChris Gets Threatened With Court LOL

After more than a week of hoax takeaway delivery’s, one delivery driver has had enough of losing out on his commission and gets rather irate with Chris:


Chris later changed his story (surprise surprise) and said the delivery bloke said he was going to ‘punch his head in’

What was amazing, was that when the door went, he thought it was a parcel of records that he bought off Ebay. Now earlier, he claimed he couldn’t clean up because he has this excruciating pain in his back and legs.

So there you go guy’s, the cure to back and leg pain is not painkillers, but a simple order for goods online. I mean, watch how quick he leaps of his couch…

Chris jumps up off chair

But as if getting threatened from a takeaway delivery dude isn’t bad enough, he then has any dreams of bedding Iamsonchild cruelly taken away when she posted this in his cast.

Iamsonchild trolls chris


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