SexyChris – One Tantrum Too Many

When i’m wrong, i’ll admit i’m wrong, and with Christopher While, i was 100% wrong!

This guy’s gone from a friendly, singing, happy go lucky drunk, to an out and out wanker. I’ve tried to defend him, make excuses for him, blame the lack of meds etc etc, but no, i’ll hold my hands up, he conned me.

This is the nasty piece of shit he’s turned into now. It starts off with him being on the phone to his mum for hours as usual, then as she has the audacity to need the toilet, and Chris isn’t getting her full attention, he unleashes his usual bile.


The only part of that video that makes me smile is listening to this bone idle attention seeker nearly blow a blood vessel when another pizza arrives.

But wait, why is he so angry, i mean, if you keep spamming peoples rooms with things like this:

Chris begging 1

Oh, that’s right, when he wants everybody to send food and alcohol, he wants YOU to pay for it, silly us eh.

Which brings me to the next subject, his idea that you send him beer and food, or you are a wanker.

Now if you want to pay for his food and beer while he spends £300 on a turntable and warped records, then that is your choice, but what is wrong, is when people who have had his back on Vaughn, get demodded, abused and banned, just because they choose not to fall for his scam.

Several Mods over the last few days have been banned by Chris because they refused to send him cash, the latest being Angie2013. Plenty of his guests and Mods have said she is one of the most sensible Mods he has, yet she was another who he demodded, told to fuck off, and got banned because she said ‘no’ to sending him stuff.

Now you can say he’s got mental problems, and that is without doubt, but this idiot is taking everyone for mugs.

Have you noticed how he never screams and talks to other people like Rizzo, Menellie, his Dad, Welshguy etc, the same way he does his mum?

Why? Because he knows they wont take it. So it proves that it’s not this ‘uncontrollable’ anger he claims.

Also, this ridiculous excuse for having faeces all over his duvet, his boxer shorts, his towels…

He claims that he was never taught to wipe his own ass. Now even if he wasn’t, as he got older, are you seriously trying to tell me he’s never been able to learn how to grab a piece of toilet roll and clean his backside?

He’s able to set up a computer, install and use XSplit, change screens and use Skype, but can’t put a piece of paper to his ass?

He’s just lazy. A spoilt brat who throws tantrums if people won’t do as he demands. So lazy, he’d rather sit in in his own shit, than be bothered to get up and put something in the washing machine.

Well Mr While, you are either going to have to shape up, or expect to be on the streets soon.

As for which one happens, i personally, couldn’t give a toss.

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7 Thoughts to “SexyChris – One Tantrum Too Many”

  1. Pikem4n

    Hello Karl

    Got to say that is a pretty scathing attack on Chris but it’s pretty accurate.

    I too find Chris and his recent actions a bit bizarre to say the least, I can understand if people are in dire need of stuff to live on, but not what when you can indeed afford a PC/internet/webcams ect ect ect.

    I watched Chris a few nights ago,and someone bought him a take away ,but earlier on (a hour or so before thus good arrival) he had another take away by all accounts! And the best thing about it,is that guy who got him the latter take away got banned in his channel!

    That’s gratitude for ya!

    But Chris is not all bad though, he might have issues and can be easily lead astray ( just like those pieces of shit from ivlog did last night to him) and I think he needs to reflect on some of his actions and the way he treats people,and then maybe,just maybe he might just stop being that “I want I want” person that he currently is and be a ” I can” person!

    1. Ryan

      What do you mean ‘those pieces of shit from ivlog did’??

      Nobody that works for ivlog or uses ivlog is a troll, unless you mean Jimmy Rizzo etc….

      1. TOPKEK


        1. Ryan

          what does scuttlebutt’s blog or chat have to do with ivlog? That didn’t answer a thing for me….

          1. Pikeman


            Just to clear something up i did indeed mean Rizzo & friends (And no one else over at ivlog btw) Maybe they should be called the master and his puppets*!

            Knowing how easy it is to goad chris into doing stuff they* must really get off over it all when doing that sort of shite……

  2. I missed last nights episode. Watching Chris these day’s is a really hard thing to do without shouting at the screen every time he doesn’t get his own way. But i have seen the video on the other blogs though, and compared to (and thank god i DID miss it) him scratching his own ass, then eating the shit off his fingers (puke)… then trying to piss on his keyboard is mild lol.

    It’s the way he treats people that riles me.I too was watching when he banned that guy, who had just paid for food to be delivered to Chris. Why was he banned? All because he happened to say to Chris ” i thought you were having a break from casting today” after all, that is what Chris told him earlier.

    He has no respect for anybody these days. He’s gone full circle from the Chris that lived at home. The Chris that would do anything for anyone, hated any drama, just loved to get drunk and sing and dance.

    Now he will demand you send him presents and/or money, or you will be gone. Banned and blocked, regardless of what you may have done for him in the past.

    I honestly can’t find one single positive thing to say about Chris these days. He’s disgusting, lazy, a compulsive liar, a manipulator and vile to any person who try’s to help him.

    I don’t wish anything bad on the guy, but for me personally, he’s unwatchable now.

  3. Angie2013

    He’s slowly loosing friends, and getting trolled more and more, Ruby has been a loyal friend to him and come back after the abuse he gave her, hopefully he wont switch on her again as she dont deserve that abuse he gave her.

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