VaughnLive: A Case Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

I think we’ve all either watched, or read about Scruffy trolling Warrrbuck on Friday night. But it was when Mark hijacked Warrr’s cast, to tell him that he’s not allowed to attack his employee’s or his volunteer’s, that pointed out just how bizarre the rules are on there these days.

Watch the video below, and you will hear what Mark said, and you will also see Daryl, a member of Staff, quite clearly having a dig at Joe Walsh, and then realising that the IP must be from the UK, deciding to bring SexyChris into it.


Hmm, so let me get this right, nobody can say anything bad about any of your staff or volunteer’s, but hey, it’s fine for them to have a go at somebody who’s not even in the room?

Now you see why, at the moment, they way they are running that site, it is almost impossible to logically defend them 🙁



3 Thoughts to “VaughnLive: A Case Of Do As I Say, Not As I Do?”

  1. Ryan

    I defend them – I don’t understand your point of view. When someone owns a website they set the rules, they themselves do not have to abide by these same rules. It’s a matter of “I made this, so use it the way I have it set up, or piss off.”

    I’d be the exact same way, probably worse actually. I agree 100% with their spamming of Warrrbuck, and with badmouthing JoeWalsh and Sexychris

  2. lol. Maybe you should ask Mark to be his PR? Oh hang on, you were hoping to bring VaughnLive down the other week. Probably not the best reference i could give 🙂

  3. Ryan

    Nah, I wasn’t trying to bring down vaughnlive. I was trying to see what kind of plan the Scuttlebutt crew had – and it seems they have none. I wanted to offer them final solutions to their problem and see if they would accept them, since they always talk about wanting Vaughnlive shut down, and they always talk about wanting Shawnio dead. You would think that someone who seems willing to give them exactly what they want would be their hero, but no – you see if Vaughnlive and Shawnio were no longer around, they’d have nothing to talk about….except Warrrbuck – but if he were gone too, they’d be at a complete loss. This was more a ‘test’ to see how serious they are about what they talk about. What I came to find was they’re not serious at all, they enjoy the daily fighting too much – it’s all they’ve got.

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