SexyChris – S.O.S

Those free pizza’s are well and truly taking their toll on Chris’ body now. His stomach area resembles a heavily pregnant woman, showing off her soon to be offspring.

I wonder if he’s felt it kicking yet?

Chris fat belly 1

Chris fat belly 3

It’s not just his belly. He’s developing an ass that Nicki Minaj would be proud of.

Chris' belly

Those of you that keep feeding him, beware that you could probably be charged with manslaughter should he eat himself to death 🙂

Seriously though, if he doesn’t cut down soon, he’s going to have to take the door off it’s hinges to get out of the kitchen.

Please help stop the cruelty and suffering to this man, and join our campaign,


Save Our Sexychris

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2 Thoughts to “SexyChris – S.O.S”

  1. Pikeman

    Damn that boy has a fine booootay!!!! lol

    Joking aside, i will be one of those people who will be held responsible for sending (and paying for btw) a pizza to chris, i’ve tried to talk a little sense to the lad, but i think from now on it might be some health shakes and weight watchers food that he might get off me!

    I would not say it’s the food in question which is being sent to chris which is causing the body enlargement,the clue to what is, is on that worktop sorry to say 🙁

  2. Angie2013

    Too look at him now to the pics from from not that long ago looks like two different people.
    Curse of the booze, No exercise poor diet.
    S.O.S 🙂

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