CrayCray1: Another Chris While Fan lol

I don’t know who he/she is, but somebody sent me their Twitter link, and it seem’s Mr While has pissed somebody else off now.

As you’ll know, i said i wasn’t going to give this slob any more publicity on here, but reading on CrayCray’s Twitter feed, it seems the stench of Barrow has now taken to harassing Ruby’s friends, see here:

Usual Chris, doesn’t get his own way, so tells you to go and kill yourself! Strange, that when trolls in his cast say the same thing to him, it’s being ‘mean’

CrayCray also has a channel on VaughnLive too, which you can find here:

For all of you who are probably saying that account is being mean to Chris, just remember what he has done lately. Daily abuse of his Mother, threatening to rob her house, disgusting treatment of his online girlfriend cash machine Angel, his vile rant at Ruby, one his most genuine and loyal friends, oh, and lets not forget his conning people out of money.

It was only a day or two ago he got his Internet cut off, after promising his ISP that he would pay the bill on his next pay day. Well, we all know Chris doesn’t spend money on anything, unless it’s for him.

So no Internet leads to the usual “can you please donate and help me get back online”

Looks like some stupid person(s) has, because this is what he spent it on yesterday by the looks if it.

Chris drinks donations away

And as if all the above isn’t bad enough, there is the admission of looking for child porn. To be fair to him, i thought he was just saying those things to get attention, but then i recorded this:


So it’s not just his admission, but he allegedly, was also trying to chat up a 12/13yr old when he was in his early twenties.

Now tell me that CrayCray1 is in the wrong?

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3 Thoughts to “CrayCray1: Another Chris While Fan lol”

  1. Rusty Nail

    Thanks for twitter link. good on you Cray Cray for doing this.
    This is another video that yet again should raise peoples awareness of this vile man that Chris is.

  2. Pikem4n

    Might be time for Karl to agree to disagree with me again 🙂

    I went in chris’s channel earlier on and there was talk about this twitter account whilst some of us were talking about it (and searching for it too) The stuff people had seen (like myself) the tweets and the pics suddenly got protected.

    Now Karl, we all know what you do is what you do on here, for Uncle tom cobley and all to see and comment on, but why would someone go to such a length to do a twitter profile like this for people to see it and then not allow people to see it?

    It would be like Yourself writing these posts for your eyes only!

    And yes the proof is out there that chris has done some rather stupid shit in regards to what he has done on camera and what has been typed in chat and what he has said (or maybe not said) to others before.

    But from what i have seen (and this is not me being manipulated by anyone !!) most of the times chris has been antagonised in doing these rather stupid act’s, which is also bad too.

    One day he will notice the error of his ways in somekind of cyber clarity!

  3. Ah yes you’re right, the tweets are protected now. Maybe i shouldn’t of posted the link here, although Twitter is pretty fair when it comes to free speech, so i don’t think they would get in any trouble.

    Not sure i agree with Chris being antagonised for most of what he does wrong. To me, Chris has just got to that stage where he genuinely believes that because he casts, we should all be so thankful, that we should send him unlimited funds. Pay for his food and booze, and never ever question him.

    If you do all of the above, he will openly praise you and say your are a really nice person.

    Refuse any of the above, and he’ll tell you that you are a bastard and to go and kill yourself.


    Or just a selfish piece of shit?

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