How To Solve A Problem Like Leah?

Does anybody really know just who or what Leah, aka AngelStormee, is? I’ll hold my hands up and admit, she is one of the very few people in life that i can’t judge, or read at all.

Ok, let’s look at the facts. We have seen her on webcam, so we know she looks like this:

Angel 4

Now to me, she is far from ugly. What we also know is, she has something for this:

Chris with jew hat

Yeah, doesn’t add up does it?

Just what would a woman who could get a lot better, want with a guy who showers once every 3 months, doesn’t know how to wipe his backside, lives in a cesspit, and abuses her daily?


Can’t be as he’s fleeced all her money.


Would you call somebody who calls you a w*nker and a b*stard on a daily basis, company?


Dear god, surely not?

So just what is Leah up to?

Well this was posted all over the Internet yesterday. Fake or genuine?

Has to be fake doesn’t it? I mean, she’s not so daft as to post that in Chris’ room, knowing that virtually every second of the day, that channel is being recorded?

Or is it genuine?

This is where we have a problem. Nobody knows her, nobody knows her past, her mental state, or just what she is capable of doing.

Is she this dumb blonde who loves to be used and abused?

Or is she some manipulating Psychopath, who is leading the Pig into a false sense of security, to then try and get him to harm or kill himself online?

Sounds far fetched i agree, but stranger things happen in the World, and as nobody knows anything about her, even her real name, then we can only guess as to her real motives.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

8 Thoughts to “How To Solve A Problem Like Leah?”

  1. Brokenmech

    I’m not sure if that video is fake or not but I did a demonstration to prove it can be done live in the browser with some knowledge…


  2. Deal or No Deal

    At first i was thinking she wants Chris as a sperm donar and she will be on the 1st plane back soon as pregnant that’s if she does come to England.
    A lot of Money to pay yes, but now she’s feeding his booze habit and says she does not love him, i’m beginning to think she has a much more darker twisted reason to be so attached to him.

  3. Baboultr

    We Win You Lose Chris 😉

  4. bungdy

    Well the video explaining how you can change what someone says is a fail as they cannot change the colour of her name to the purple she uses as a op.

  5. anonymouse

    there was once instance where i had kindly sent £10 to chris, since he asked every so nicely, for his dongle. he explained that he had only 400 or so mb left and was in dire need of £30 for 10gigs (might have been more or less). anyway, after this act of kindness i suddenly thought that maybe i would have some sort of immunity, i could not be more far from the truth! during one of chris’ cast on vaugn live, i asked angel to be quiet about how much she loves chris. to my surprise, angel then declared to everybody that i was private messaging her, i remember the words as being ‘STOP MESSAGING ME I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU’, ‘STOP BEING RUDE TO ME’ and so on. a few seconds later chris banned me……

    so, i declare her mental state as unstable. shes fucking batshit crazy!

  6. Anonymous

    LMAO that photo of chris is hilarious. THAT is Chris in a nutshell it’s a photo that perfectly describes him as a human being!!

    1. lol. Glad you made this comment, it reminds me i’ve got to shift all our videos over to a new server after Chris had them took down 🙂

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