MichelleStacey The Snake

Snitching is nothing new to MS, but as usual, she gets all her facts wrong.

The latest victim to suffer the bitterness of the Ginger haired Pig is FoxmanShawn, and his GoFundMe appeal set up by Joe Dutch and Family.

Just why it concerns her what somebody’s GoFundMe  account is for, i don’t know, but MS being MS, she has to stick her nose in.

MS the grass

Here she is bragging about contacting them, in the hope of getting Foxmans account closed.

MS the grass1

Sign a Contract?

Ok Mr’s Barrister Pig, lets see where in the Terms and Conditions it states you HAVE to spend every penny of your donations on the item/reason you started you GoFundMe.

Gofundme terms

I don’t see any rule that states you have to spend the full amount on your original appeal?

Gofundme terms1

So where does it state that Joe Dutch and Family are doing anything wrong by raising money for Foxman?

It also states in their T&C’s that you can withdraw small amounts while the appeal is ongoing.

Good luck in your latest campaign of hate.

You’ll need it 🙂

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2 Thoughts to “MichelleStacey The Snake”

  1. Angie2013

    What is with this woman, getting her self involved with what other people want to raise funds for, not like he’s doing anything to harm her.

  2. Ryan

    Michelle thinks that everything everyone else does is her business, and she has a right to judge others even though she’s been a drug addict and prostituted herself in the past. This woman who wants sympathy from all when she is upset gives no sympathy to anyone in return. It is all about her. This is classic narcissistic personality….

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