Talking of YouNow…..

Somebody sent in an Email claiming that Steve, the owner of JustCastLive, has in fact sold it, and is starting up another Social Broadcasting Website. 2

Hmm, look familiar lol?

Well according to their Facebook page, they are called…wait for it…

Here is the link to their coming soon website.

Although, all you will see at the moment is this; 1

I’m not sure who’s the mad one. Making another money losing website, that has a similar name, similar icons, to a website that allows young children to broadcast.

I would take a seriously long, hard look at what you are doing here mate.

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2 Thoughts to “Talking of YouNow…..”

  1. think someone is having you on there mate i sold my site due to family problems i will not open yet another one nor did i even have a site under that url after i sold so who ever emailed you was having you on thanks for the post glad i saw this

  2. think the old mod shannon was making that site ffy

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