Why You Should ALWAYS Use Adblock

I know Mark Vaughn hates anybody using Adblock Plus on his sites, but here is why you should always use it, and more. If you use the Chrome browser you should at a minimum install Adblock Plus, Ghostery, Disconnect and HTTPS Everywhere.

Why? Well most people know that adverts don’t just appear on a webpage and that’s it. They will try and collect as much information about you as possible for marketing spam reasons. And they’re the better ones.

Many others will infect your browser and pc (if using Windows) with all sorts of nasty shit. So why this post now? Well after having a good read of the other blogs out there, i came across this post on the JTV Woodshed.


To prove it’s genuine and not photoshopped, or any other fake theory that people like Ryan-Hifi will try and claim, i took a look at all of the blocked stuff in the Adblock resource list.

Mgid review 7

If you click on the image above to enlarge it, you will see amongst all the other adware (those in red) that would flood your browser, there is the Mgid script.

 For those of you who haven’t heard of Mgid, you will no doubt of come across the usual crap that they use on Facebook, you know, those annoying ‘ omg, this tiger ripped two guy’s heads off, but see what happened next’ then if you click on them, you have to give them permission to use your friends list to spam etc before you can view. Then those daft enough to click ok, then realise there is no such story, and all of a sudden, all their friends get spammed or posts made without their knowledge.

So yeah, that’s Mgid, the same Mgid that Mark is using to bump up his ads revenue, without a care for any of his ‘community’ that might end up clicking one of these ads and end up with more virus’ than a hooker.

But don’t take my word for it, research it yourself. Type Mgid review into Google, and the very top link explains it clearly enough.

Mgid review 5

Mgid review 6

Ok, to be fair, that post was made in 2012. So lets update the search for 2015 reviews and see what we find.

Mgid review 1

Mgid review 3

Mgid review 4

So there you have it. Sorry Mark, and i will probably be banned for it, but if you don’t use Adblock on Vaughn, just be very careful what you click on. Yes, it will make Mark money, but it will also put your privacy, and more, open to some of the internet’s biggest crooks.

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