Angel Is Being Mean To Chris

Well it looks like AngelStormee has finally seen sense and realised what a using, foul mouthed, waste of space her ‘boyfriend’ is.

And now poor Chris pig is sat wondering, just what has he done to deserve being ignored by his online Fiancee cash machine?


I’m as puzzled as he is!




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3 Thoughts to “Angel Is Being Mean To Chris”

  1. Fly on the Wall

    This guy has no respect for women what so ever’ speaks to them like crap treats them like crap’ and thinks its ok. All he seen in Angelstorme was $$$$
    he loved the money thats it.

  2. Brokenmech

    This “relationship” was doomed from the start. She knew what she was getting into yet still persisted, why I don’t think any of us really knows. I think the tipping point was seeing him with Amanda in that “stoned” cast. Cheating right in front of her nose for everyone to see.

    Her “relationship” with this new guy is also doomed, he is like 20 years younger than her for starters. I went into his cast the other day, seems like a nice guy but he does nothing, just sits there and hardly speaks. She seems to have zero self-esteem, and when she feels “sorry” for someone she mistakes that for love.

  3. Ryan

    You can’t blame Chris, he was raised to be allowed to talk this way and treat others this way. To him, he think’s it’s perfectly okay as that’s what was allowed at home. Remember 2 years ago when he lived at home? Remember how he talked to his mother and stepdad and how they talked to him?? They never kicked him out or gave him consequences…he’s just a 5 year old child who always gets his way.

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