Chris And Angel – It’s Over!!

Well, it had to happen at some time, and that time was yesterday. The cross Atlantic love story that was SexyChris and AngelStormee is nothing more than a memory now.

AngelStormee on breakup1

Is it not sad that a woman feels so insecure, that she feels the need to tell everyone she’s his girlfriend?

AngelStormee on breakup2

Little did she know Chris was lurking. She does now.

AngelStormee on breakup3

Sorry, but if you are suffering from real depression, some video on YouTube is hardly likely to fix your illness.

AngelStormee on breakup5

Proper diet? Doesn’t she guzzle cases of Stella all day?

Exercise? She is sat in Chris’ room virtually all day and night, what exercise does she get?

AngelStormee on breakup6

Pffttt, good luck with that one!

AngelStormee on breakup7

Sorry to piss on your parade, but you gave the money as a gift. You can only open a dispute if you have sent money and not received goods or whatever you paid for.

Last but not least, this one cracked me up. When asked what it was that finally ended the T’Internet love affair of the month, she had this to say.

AngelStormee on breakup

Of course. Never mind the non existent hygiene, or the way he abuses his poor Mother, or even the fact that he’s abused you and took all your money…

No, the flirting online was the straw that broke the Camels back!


AngelStormee hitler pic

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One Thought to “Chris And Angel – It’s Over!!”

  1. Queen Bee

    So the fact he licks his own poop off his own hands, and ate some other body fluid, and lives in a tip did not put you off Angel, but the flirting.. !
    SMH there be back together next week.

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