FAO Steve Swetman

You remember how poorly run JustCastLive.tv was? All the downtime and error messages?

Well it seems it’s former owner, Steve Swetman (Hampshire Radio) is as skilled at lying as he is at running a website.

Remember this post we did, about an email sent to us by an anon

In response to that post, Steve left two comments at the bottom, insisting that it was all lies, and he had given up running websites to spend more time with Family etc.

To save you scrolling down the page, here are the two comments he left:

Steve owns youcastlive 5

Ok, no reason to doubt any of that. Until that is, we received these from another anon, yesterday.

Credit and thanks go to the Anon who mailed these in 🙂

Steve owns youcastlive 1

Steve owns youcastlive 2

Steve owns youcastlive 3

Steve owns youcastlive 4

Now while i believe they are genuine screenshots, no doubt Steve will come back and say they are ‘Photoshopped’ or something similar.

If so, how does he explain this ?


There it is in black and white. If anyone still doubts any of these are real, just go to any Whois website, enter youcastnowlive.com and all the details are there.

The only thing he has changed is the .tv to .com

I’ve blocked out his home address and phone number, because that’s not for me to expose. I’m just exposing that wee Stevie boy has been telling us some fibs lol.

Although, at least this time, he’s not put the website in his Missus’ name 😉

* Friendly tip for Steve:

When you register a domain, ALWAYS make sure your details are kept private 😉

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5 Thoughts to “FAO Steve Swetman”

  1. Ryan

    I could have told you a long time ago to not trust what he says. It’s unfortunate. I don’t know why he’s always lying and scheming and making promises he can’t keep. He has good intentions deep down but he doesn’t quite know how to handle it all maybe…who knows. I had to cut off contact with him 2 years ago because it was getting too draining, the asking for help, favors, removing malware, fixing computer problems, promises of payment that never came etc….

  2. Anon

    That “Crook” Steve.. Yes, a big liar..before he says the shots are shopped, here are the actual links:


    The only success thing that he did at JustCrap site was to take the donations off the users

    And now he is replicating the same thing again… the shame is not to be blamed on him, the shame is to be blamed on those supporting his sites (if we are allowed to label them as sites)…

    Look at the screen-shots above… he still says: Why, instead of While.. he still take images from other sites and when a site owner broadcasts copyrighted material in hiw own show, how he can run a community and even more run a well known social network site… thats bullshit and welcome people to the new: YouCrapNowLive.com or .tv it does not matter!!

    N.B., do you notice that the length of the domain name is getting bigger and bigger with time?

    Hopefully in 2020 he will open:


    1. He says he sold JustCast to Andrew brew and the Doc. Are they insane? Who would buy a money losing business?

      The Social Casting stage is flooded. Look at all the new sites that have popped up in the last couple of years, and none of them are a success.

      These people must have more money than sense.

  3. Ryan

    Anyone notice the “YouLive” facebook group’s cover photo?? Look at that logo…it’s a ripoff of the old Stickam logo. Can we get something original please?

  4. Anon2

    and in his channel image i see the uvlog logo too. that guy is pathetic!

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