SexyChris: Motherly Love

It’s always nice when your Mother calls round to see how you are. It gives is time to really appreciate just what they mean to us. A cup of Tea, some biscuits, and a good old natter, you can’t beat it.

Unless you are Chris While’s Mother…



He’s not just a vile piece of shit, he’s a deluded piece of shit! He talks to everyone like they are scum, yet claims he’s the one being bullied.







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3 Thoughts to “SexyChris: Motherly Love”

  1. Rusty Nail

    Good on you Chris’s Mum for walking out.
    he made the mess let him clean it up himself.
    Telling your mum to f-off and dont come back again,and giving her abuse your piece if shit you are chris.

  2. jstevieo

    the Guy is an Utter PIG !! good to see Mam While throw the towel in and at last say , your House YOUR mess – Shitty britches then of course plays the pity ~guilt ~bad thoughts {aka suicidal threats /garden shear decapitation , being a first for me i must say } and of course Tard card in , in a futile attempt to avoid any effort and once again let his mother clean up his weekly shite tip he has waiting for her – i believe the only real reasons she did clean his shit heap up is to avoid him being evicted by his council landlords and of course her ample caring allowance she recieves weekly , for “caring “for her “handicapped and disabled “son . Maybe our blog helper hero [ R ] …can drop round or share some tips with poooopy Pants , to improve his quality of life or assist in cleaning up his weekly collection of detritus he has a definate gift in gathering !? …you never know eh !

    1. Ryan

      I just knew Jstevieo would be commenting here!! Every chance he sees an opportunity to bash someone else, he will! Can’t help himself….

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