Steeliehead: The Millionaire

When you are a Millionaire, a few drinks in a bar is pennies. It wouldn’t even touch your daily interest.

Unless, that Millionaire is Steeliehead lol


It’s only money 🙂



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2 Thoughts to “Steeliehead: The Millionaire”

  1. ryan

    LOL the millionaire whose card is declined….

    Why is it people feel the need to impress others and won’t just be themselves?? Why did he ever say he was a millionaire? What was he trying to achieve? Was he afraid people wouldn’t like him if he said he was poor? I’m poor and proud.

  2. Angie2013

    Awkward moment there.
    I remember when my card got declined after i’d put petrol in the car at the garage, it was cracked a bit on the chip had to leave registration and details go bank and come back and pay. more embarrassing then anything.

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