UKM Is Getting Reported (again)

Time and time again, people claim that they are going to shut this site down, and fail, and fail again.

But still they come and spew out their idle threats. The only difference is this time, it is innocent people getting abused and even racially in one case. So it’s time to set the record straight.

Here is this Website receiving a Police visit after one our haters reported us:




Oh, so it was about the loud noise? But some guest said in a cast that it was SexyChris who own’s UKM, so they reported it?

See how easy it is for one guest to start false rumours on the Internet?  Here’s some more ‘guest’ information posted on various casts 🙂

UKM Reported to the police

UKM reported to the police 2

Poor Baboultr. It gets even worse..

Babs abuse1

Babs abuse

These were sent to me a couple of weeks ago. Once it started becoming racial abuse, it’s time to confirm that it is NOT Baboultr running this site. Neither is it Jsteveo, or Menellie or god knows who else has been accused.

So hating on those guys for anything that this site has posted about you is pointless and dumb.

Oh, and before we wrap this up, could the trolls kindly send us a copy of the response that the British Met Police give regarding their investigation of any Indictive Crimes they are pursuing on a Website hosted under the Jurisdiction of the Netherlands.

Thanks in advance 😉

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10 Thoughts to “UKM Is Getting Reported (again)”

  1. Angie2013

    The allegations against UKM just get stranger and weirder each time
    the bit about it being used to further some type of crime “SMH” think the guest who wrote this has some deep issues.

  2. Baboultr

    Everytime I Would go into chris room or another room,I Would be accused of being UKMUppets.

    Af first i kept denying it,But time after time it carried on So I Just said fuck it and i’ll go along with it for shits and giggles.

    I Was kind of hoping you would go along with it too But I Understand if you didn’t want to, hopefully this clears up the misconception Of me being UKMuppets now Lol

    But to be honest they’ll probably keep on saying its me and other people lol but im fine with that, I Might aswell say I Work for the site Lmao

    1. jstevieo

      i think its all got to do with some guy called BuBsOnTOUR Babs , that might be it ! …but i thought you were a regular coloumist earning 300 Quid a week offa Sexy/Shitty <—-make up yer own mind , he was raging about , you cant make $$s writing but he can BEGGING ! –

      1. Baboultr

        Oh yes I love making my £300 a week on the ukmuppets blog ! 😉 haha

  3. jstevieo

    UK , i get the blame for lots of BS and kinda think theres no such thing as bad Publicity , to see the glass being Half full , i was kinda outta the loop on this completely ,but now some remarks and comments complete the pennys drop – on another side it maybe my ‘praises’or mentioning this blog that might have caused some puntmuts to dream this up , but what goes on in the minds of some *!#/% …. i dont comment on here “regularly “as some would have you believe also – but do enjoy catching up here and scuttles , as people with lives and jobs dont have the time to drool online 24 7 – have a good one brought some LuLz ty . jSO

    1. Belfast Gonzo Yid

      You’re a boring, mentally ill faggot who latches on to people that brain dead burnouts monitor for 15 hours straight hoping to dig a gem out of their broadcast such as FoxmanShawn, Warruck, VonHelton and Chris While. It’s obvious that you’re a loser who’d be laughed at on the same scale if it wasn’t for those people.You have no friends, no one really likes you, but you just so happen to offer a venue where people can bash the same people you hate.

      You’re an ugly old creep who looks like a child molester, and probably is one. You look like something someone dug out of their asshole. You’re a dirty old drug addict and I hope cancer gets another try, and kills you.

      You have an oedipus complex from your rotten tit mother spending all her attention on you after your father refused to fuck her titless body, and that’s why you fly off the handle when anyone says anything to fat, rude, abrasive cows like MS. Your mother died in her god damn 70s, when you were in your fucking 40s — GET OVER IT!

  4. Haha, Babs, i wasn’t going to say anything, but don’t want you getting racist hate mate. Somebody calling a person a wanker, cunt etc is fine, but sometimes trolling can go too far.

    Jstevieo, just about everybody has been accused of owning this site lol, but i know the trolls don’t get to you. Some people don’t like freedom of speech, as we both find out. But fuck em, nobody will EVER close this site down, and people can screencap that 🙂

    1. Baboultr

      Thanks mate for sticking up for us much appreciated, keep up with the halarious blog posts! xD

  5. As much as you guys are using Cloudflare and hosting the website in the netherlands its still a address. The worst that’ll happen is the domain name might get seized or shutdown.

    1. I can see what you are saying, but to take down or seize a Domain, there would have to have been illegal activities being committed using that Domain.

      Even then, it would be nothing to do with any Police force, it would be a civil matter. Just like with the PirateBay, a case would have to be made to several Court cases, with all legal and Court costs having to be made my the Plaintiff(s).

      Then they would need to provide enough evidence to the Judges that by not seizing the Domain, there will be continuous illegal activities taking place. * Note i used the term ‘illegal’ and not unlawful (that’s for another time though).

      So just as all the major Record/Movie labels took the PB to court and had it’s Domain seized, stating that despite numerous warnings and Website Takedown’s about Copyright Infringement, the Website kept coming back and breaking the same Infringement.

      Now this is where we differ from anything like the PB, as we are doing nothing ‘illegal’ and definitely nothing Unlawful. As such, we have never received a single email regarding any content hosted on this site from any Legal team or Copyright holder.

      There was of course, the hoax Police Report that Richard Swann aka theNorthernMonkey aka UKRich sent to our last hosts, which weirdly, they believed and suspended the site.

      I’m 99.999999% certain that Richard Swann did go to the Police and file a complaint against this site, which is why they probably will have given him a Crime Reference Number. This just means you have made a complaint and they have made a note of it. It does not mean that they are going to investigate it any further. Same as when you suffer a break-in, you phone the Police, ask for a Crime Reference Number, they give you one, you then give that to your Insurance Company, then they pay out.

      Not once, not a single email or letter has ever been sent to either this site or any of our hosts, that has come from anybody Official.

      As Richard Swann will have found out, there is no crime nor anything illegal in watching and recording somebody performing on a Public cam site, or using that video/media to re-publish and giving your views/thoughts on it.

      So they can keep dreaming of reporting us to the FBI, MI5, Met Police etc, but the reality is, they know, as well as i know, they are what we would call, ‘pissing in the wind’

      Hope this clears all these ‘reports’ threats up.


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