Who Is The VL UKMuppets?

5 Thoughts to “Who Is The VL UKMuppets?”

  1. Ryan

    Only 2 people I know of who enjoy causing bullshit and laughing about it more than any others….IP and Ryderbak. Both very immature, raised without a strong male role model and suffering from lack of confidence.

  2. Pikeman

    This is right up there with the likes of “who shot J.R” “Who killed Lucy Beale” and “who is banksy?” tbh i personally think it’s someone who has Too much time on their hands!

  3. Sean

    lol, i voted for me, why not

  4. jstevieo

    this time i have to agree with ryans post – spot on .

  5. Baboultr

    I am honored to be on this Poll! 😀

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