Amy Visits Chris: Is Love In The Air?

Sweet little Amy made an unexpected visit to the dungeon flat that is home to her undeserving friend, Chris, yesterday morning. Despite the stench of puke, shit and mouldy pizza’s, she actually stuck around and had fun.

This girl is the best thing that could ever happen to Chris, and he knows it. So it was no surprise that he was on his best behaviour.


The day went so well, Amy promised to come back the following day, and true to her word, there she was nice and early.


Oh he had to go an ruin it didn’t he! I thought she handled it well though. Instead of arguing back, giving Chris an excuse to abuse her, she just calmly said ‘oh, you’re going outside, ok’

Chris has MORE grovelling to do now me thinks.



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One Thought to “Amy Visits Chris: Is Love In The Air?”

  1. Brokenmech

    Chris takes the truth as a personal attack on himself. He’d rather hear lies. Amy is a sweet lady, makes the effort to go see him and he treats her like dirt. This only after 2 days. Chris cannot handle a relationship, he certainly needs some sort of help before he can even attempt being with someone else.

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