How NOT To Dress When 48 Years Old

6 Thoughts to “How NOT To Dress When 48 Years Old”

  1. Ryan

    Here we go again….someone from UKInvasion goes live and you have to make a post making fun of them. Are you claiming that you know how everyone else should act and dress and if it conflicts with how you would do it…it’s wrong???

    Jesus you’re a narcissist obsessed with these people…

    1. lol. Ryan, let me explain something. I don’t stay here apart from when upgrades are needed, or i am making a post. So to let me know there has been a new comment made, the site sends me an email. Whenever i post about any of the girls, and i get the email telling me there is a comment ready, i would put my life on it, it’s from you.

      Not a single other person that visits here, gives a flying f*ck about them, only you. Does that not tell you something?

      You’re loyalty to the girls is admirable, but come on dude, are you telling me, that a 48 yr old man looks good dressed as some 17 yr old chav? This guy’s got a young son, when he goes to pick up his kid from school, are you really trying to tell me other parents that age go around wearing bandana’s, cheesy UK themed sunglasses and Facebook t-shirts?

      He’s an idiot. He dresses like an idiot, and if it wasn’t for his hard working Wife supporting him financially, he would be in some mouldy, rotten flat somewhere, surrounded by other idiots.

  2. Ryan

    Yes, classic narcissist. Discount everything they do. Nobody much knows about your blog, that’s why I’m the only comment. Meanwhile, when these guys go live – a lot of us leave the rooms we’re currently in (including the ones casting and they shut down) in order to go watch the UKInvasion guys. We like them because they’re genuine, nice, and fun and positive to be around. I don’t care what t-shirt someone has on, what hat, etc. To do so is petty. I suppose if you saw photographs of me you would find something to pick at also. The truth is, you’re not happy.

    1. Ryan, even by your standards, that post is tremendous.

      Serious question. As you are both in Canada, are you and Adambro related?

  3. Ryan

    I understand. You are not able to let go of putting other people down. Logic and reason do not apply. I tried explaining that it’s absurd and silly to compare what someone else does to what you yourself do, and then condemn them when it doesn’t match your belief system.

  4. Baboultr

    haha he looks cringe!!!

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